Try as hard as one may, it is all but impossible to find anyone in D.C. who is as confused, mean-spirited, and usually wrong as much as House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi is. Whether she is addressing “wolves in a crowded theater” or locking up in mid-speech during almost every speech, Pelosi is one of the most inept leaders in U.S. history.

There almost needs to be a drumroll played before her latest comments are analyzed because, while folly is her middle name, Pelosi may have outdone herself. According to the Daily Caller, she thinks that what is needed in place of a President Trump’s border wall is a mowing of the grass.


Many pundits have heard a lot of very strange things from the radical liberal, but nothing compared to this zinger.

On Tuesday, the baffling Democrat said the wall was “never going to happen.” This leads a lot of people to wonder just what other options are on the table since illegal aliens are all but waltzing over the border. Her answer was so bizarre that even the host seemed to quiver in confusion.

Well, I’m not the wall’s biggest advocate in Congress, but I do know that representatives in the House and Senators in that body from the border wall areas have some serious objection to a wall,” she rambled. “Because they know how detrimental it can be to the community trade, to all of the other aspects of a border.”

While that certainly was a lot of words used to address why she does not like the idea of a wall, it did nothing to address what she wanted to do. When she spoke a bit more, it was clear why.

Let’s talk about where a more serious structure might be necessary, where fencing will do, or mowing the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass — that’s something — levies, technology, personnel,” Pelosi said.

Yes, it is tall grass that is allowing millions of illegal’s to stroll into the U.S. as if we had no border laws. Once that is fixed with a few John Deer’s, everything will be complete.

Maybe Pelosi could add another common chore, taking out the trash, to the list of things that may help. If that happens, she won’t have a job, though.

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