Parkland high school teen activist says all NRA members are murderers – And if you oppose him you hate children

As reported earlier by Lucian Wintrich:
Following the recent Parkland shooting, a number of “movements” and activist groups popped up, and the standout similarity across all of them is that they’re fronted by teenagers.

Behind the teenagers, working as the string-pullers, are the same people behind the Women’s March. They are vehemently anti-gun, anti-American, and anti-Trump – this is part of their sales pitch.

On March 14th, 2018, the largest of these groups, #Enough National School Walkout, is planning a 17-minute walk out and moment of silence scheduled for 10 AM across all time zones. Backing them are the folks behind Rock the Vote, Teen Vogue, Peace First, Rise To Run, The Gathering for Justice, and Justice League NYC.

The major force behind this walkout event is the radical far-left organization Women’s March Youth Empower. The leaders of this group are Ziad Ahmed, the youth advisor, Hannah Rosenzweig, Adam Jacobs, and Jackson Hyland Lipski. They are explicitly political in their messaging and aggressive in their stance.

Of course, the left does not want anyone to challenge these teen activists on their knowledge of the Second Amendment.

Chelsea Clinton weighed in this morning.

One young anti-Trump activist Hogg told CNN that NRA members are child murderers.
Via The Daily Mail:

Hogg, who is organizing a rally in Washington DC next month with his classmates, said he was ‘sickened’ by the president’s son’s Twitter activity…

Among them was Hogg who asked why he and other politicians relied on the NRA’s donations.

‘If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you running?’ he told CNN.


Via Andrew Marcus: