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On Tuesday night, social media giant and popular phone app Twitter continued their war on free speech — and again, conservative voices were their main target.

Thousands of conservatives were locked out of their accounts overnight, lost followers, and were even stripped of people they followed.

What exactly transpired still remains unclear, but one things remains the same: There is a liberal bias in social media. Leftists  have free reign to speak their opinions, while conservatives are silenced on the popular phone apps.

The New York Daily News has reported that Twitter is purging more and more suspected robot accounts days after 13 Russian nationals were indicted for their influence on the 2016 presidential campaign.

However, these purges also swept up hundreds — even thousands — of outspokenly conservative Americans without explanation.

Conservative Twitter users are blaming CEO Jack Dorsey of being an authoritarian, even comparing him to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. They believe that Dorsey wants to block their free speech.

Here are some of the reactions from conservatives on Twitter —

While thousands of conservatives took to Twitter to complain that the company is censoring their opinions and their beliefs, liberals had no complaints to share.

Instead, snowflakes found it humorous that their fellow Americans were being silenced —

Twitter purged over 1 million accounts in January due to pressure to reduce the amount of bot accounts. Now, they are sweeping up and silencing the voices of real Americans that do not share their same political views.

Shutting out the voices of conservatives will not make us go away, we will speak louder and with more force — we will not back down!

–Kylie Handler is a news editor for The Horn News