Paul Farhi wrote a hit post this week on The Gateway Pundit.

Paul hoped to make a point that the massively successful Gateway Pundit was a fake news website.
So he used fake news in his headline to smear us.

What is Gateway Pundit, the conspiracy-hawking site at the center of the bogus Florida ‘crisis actors’ hype?

It would have been more effective if Paul didn’t lie about us in the title.

We have never used the term ‘crisis actors’ in any of our reports on the Parkland high school activists.
Not once.

Talk about fake news!

Paul used that line to gin up some good ol’ leftist hate against The Gateway Pundit.

Actually I was expecting more of a hit piece.
The best line that he included from our interview questions.

Paul asked if The Gateway Pundit was a conspiracy site.
Here was my response:

I rest my case.