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Parkland Shooting, USA

RUSH: New Evidence Shows Parkland Shooting Was ‘Failure At Every Level’ Of Government

On his radio show Friday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh addressed the latest revelations about the Parkland high school shooting, in particular that the armed Broward County Sheriff’s deputy on the campus stood outside for four to six minutes while the shooter massacred students.

“You take a look at what happened in this entire event, and everywhere you look you find a failure at every level of some agency of government,” said Limbaugh.

The top-rated host began the segment by playing a clip of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel — who himself is now under major pressure — revealing Thursday night that the deputy on site delayed for several minutes while students were being murdered.

“What I saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of building 12, take up a position, and he never went in,” Israel told reporters. Asked by one reporter, “What should he have done?” Israel replied: “Went in. Address the killer. Killed the killer.”

After noting that the “media clown” stupidly asked the sheriff what the deputy should have done, Limbaugh tied the failure to the other governmental failures the public has learned about since the horrific massacre took place last Wednesday — including officers being called to the shooter’s residence multiple times, the FBI being warned that the shooter had declared months before that he was going to shoot up a school, and school officials deeming the boy a threat to other students.

“Would somebody explain to me why anybody is mad at the NRA (I mean, rationally) and why is anybody mad at Donald Trump, and why is anybody mad at the Republican Party?” asked Limbaugh. “You take a look at what happened in this entire event, and everywhere you look you find a failure at every level of some agency of government. You don’t find failure the NRA, and Donald Trump had nothing to do with it. We had a deputy that was there, a deputy who was armed, a deputy who heard the shots, a deputy who was there and could have gone into that school and done his duty as he’s trained to do.”

After Limbaugh’s show Friday, CNN reported that Deputy Scot Peterson wasn’t the only officer to fail to go in to confront the shooter: three other sheriff’s deputies called to the scene waited for several minutes until the police department arrived.

On his Thursday broadcast, Limbaugh also touched on the issue of government failure related to the Parkland shooting.

“I mean, if you boil it all down, the government cannot protect your kids at school,” said Limbaugh. “It’s the government in charge of it. It’s either a state government, elements of the national government, certainly elements of local government, they can’t keep your kids safe. There have been no changes in techniques, stratagems to keep kids safe since Columbine. There is no changes. All there has ever been is an outraged, petulant, childish cry and demand and a spewing of hatred for the NRA.”

Those who call for real action that could help prevent shootings — like addressing the “mental illness loophole,” as Dana Loesch did at CNN’s “so-called” town hall — are met with scorn from the gun control crowd, said Limbaugh.

“Meanwhile, actually stopping these events, discussing ways to prevent and stop these events is met with jeering and allegations of racism and bigotry, the usual insults that the left begins to shout,” he said. “They are vacant intellectually. They are vacant in terms of ideas. And they are governed entirely by a continuing and building rage and hatred for anything that is in opposition to what they claim to believe.”

On both his Thursday and Friday broadcasts, Limbaugh also spent ample time laying into CNN for ginning up anger at both the NRA and Trump through their “garbage” town hall event and biased reporting.

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