On Saturday, Democratic members of the House Intelligence Committee released their rebuttal to the Nunes memo. The counter-memo claims “FBI and DOJ officials did not ‘abuse’ the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process, omit material information, or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign.”

President Trump immediately slammed Schiff’s spin memo from his Twitter account.

Adam Schiff just couldn’t help himself and responded to President Trump with more lies.

President Trump called the Dem memo a ‘total political and legal BUST’.

Trump: “The Democrat memo response on government surveillance abuses is a total political and legal BUST. Just confirms all of the terrible things that were done. SO ILLEGAL!

Chairman Nunes also lit up Adam Schiff after the junk memo was released.

Nunes crushed Schiff’s memo with a 5 page, point by point refutation.

To this date, the FBI has not inspected the DNC’s servers nor have they interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange has said many times the Russians DID NOT give him the Podesta emails, yet the Democrats continue to push the lie without providing evidence.