A man was shot and killed in Wingate on Monday – and it was caught on Facebook Live, officials confirmed to the Observer’s news partner WBTV.

The man’s name hasn’t been released. The shooting sent Wingate University into a lockdown, though the shooting was off campus on Jerome Street.

On Facebook Live, the man wore a hat and carried a selfie stick as he talked about his phone getting stolen.

He stopped by the Wingate Police Department to ask about getting his phone back. The police office is around the corner from Jerome Street.

“Bring his phone back so he can get on with his way today,” a police department official said to the camera during the Facebook Live. WSOC identified the man as Chief Donnie Gay.

The man continued walking. About five and a half minutes into the video, he encountered someone else off-camera.

A man holding a long black object briefly appeared on camera before several shots rang out.

“Omg (what) just happened,” one person commented on Facebook seconds after the shooting.

The Facebook Live camera landed face-up and broadcast trees for the rest of the video. Eventually, a car pulled up – visible in the edge of the screen – and someone found the man.

The Facebook Live was broadcast from the Facebook account of an Atlanta-based musician. In several other Facebook Live videos, he’s shown playing guitar.

Wingate University was lifted after about an hour, but the suspect is still at large, WBTV reported.

The university said on Twitter that police are looking for a black male with a long gun wearing a black and blue windbreaker and brown Timberland boots.