‘Name names on stage or shut the hell up!’ another billboard reads

| Infowars.com

Billboards have been installed in Hollywood shaming hypocrites who covered up for sexual deviants ahead of the 90th Academy Awards.

Street artist Sabo launched a “Three Billboards” offensive Wednesday calling out Hollywood stars who kept silent about sexual exploitation in the industry.


“We all knew and still no arrests,” one billboard reads.

“And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to…,” reads another.

And a third billboard says, “Name names on stage or shut the hell up!”

The artist’s commentary refers to the ongoing #MeToo scandal unfolding in Hollywood, which began when several women spoke out against mega-producer Harvey Weinstein’s perverted antics.

The number of billboards is an apparent nod to the critically-acclaimed, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” up for an Oscar this year.

“Sabo manufactured fake overlays measuring as large as 48 feet across by 14 feet high and hired a crew of six men to help with installation, he told The Hollywood Reporter,” according to the entertainment site.

The street artist has previously planted other installations around the city, including pro-Trump art and other signage highlighting liberal hypocrisy. Most recently he took aim at Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga ahead of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

On Sunday, The Weinstein Company production firm announced it would file for bankruptcy, as its founder faces a barrage of criticism over numerous sexual harassment allegations, in addition to possible criminal charges.

The 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony happens March 4.