Literature instructs migrants how to enter Europe, evade authorities

Illegal migrants are being provided with guidebooks published by a George Soros front group, Hungary’s chief security advisor has told state media.

According to György Bakondi, an unnamed German civil society organization (NGO) has been supplying literature to migrants that instructs them on the best methods and pathways for reaching European soil, as well as directions how to deceive authorities and elude border security systems.

“This is damaging, dangerous, and could have major internal security repercussions,” Bakondi said. “The mass illegal immigration we are facing is not spontaneous, but is being managed in an organized manner.”

“The fact that both the European Union and the UN are preparing documents that regard illegal migration as a good thing that should be supported in future poses a problem, however. They are not talking about the dangers and negative effects of illegal migration, however, and about its impact on security, the future of nation states, culture, the economy, and the social security system.”

In a follow-up report examining how NGOs and ‘humanitarian groups’ play a key role in the migrant crisis that afflicts the entirety of Western civilization, Hungarian Secretary of State Zoltán Kovács writes, “Hungarians are speaking their minds. They are not fooled by the PR machinations of non-governmental organizations masquerading as charities. Citizens know that crossing a border illegally is not a human right and the act of aiding and abetting illegal immigration is not humanitarian.”

“The people expect government to protect the integrity of the state rather than pander to a liberal press and other interests, even if it means confronting an opposition as influential as George Soros and his political network,” Kovács continues. “People also know that those who deserve asylum can apply at the border and if they meet the requirements, they get it.”

European Union technocrats are currently mapping out new proposals that would tether financial agreements to ‘refugee resettlement’ quotas in an attempt to force member states to accept potentially unlimited migrants, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“PM Orbán said the number of migrants to be taken in by member states under a mandatory resettlement scheme keeps growing,” About Hungary reported last week. “Under the most recent proposal, Hungary would have to take in 10,000 people a year rather than the 1,000 that was to be allocated to the country originally.”

“The prime minister added that it looked like the EU was proposing a resettlement quota scheme without an upper limit.”

In response to Hungary’s hard-line stance on border control and security, Jordanian Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad, who serves as the United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights, accused PM Orbán and his government of ‘racism and xenophobia.’

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto fired back, demanding Zeid bin Ra’ad’s resignation.