Chuck Ross Reporter

Rep. Adam Schiff has given 227 television interviews since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to a research report released Tuesday by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Schiff’s “near constant presence” on TV suggests the California Democrat is using the Russia investigation as “his big break” and to increase his political visibility, the RNC asserts.

Schiff’s 227 interviews have added up to 26 hours and four minutes of air time, according to the RNC.

Schiff’s frequent TV appearances have positioned him as the Democrats’ face of the numerous Russia investigations. One of those investigations is being conducted by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, on which Schiff is the top Democrat.



“It’s clear that Schiff, who recently had no national profile, has used the House’s Russia investigation as a self-serving platform to increase his visibility and is incentivized to prolong, dramatize, and overhype the investigation so he can continue preening for the cameras,” the RNC argues in its report, which is entitled “The Schiff Show: By the Numbers.”

Schiff’s go-to networks are not surprise. He has appeared on MSNBC a total of 111 times since Trump’s inauguration,according to the RNC’s research report. CNN has interviewed the former federal prosecutor 87 times over the same time span.

Schiff has spent a total of 23 hours on the two left-leaning networks, according to the analysis.

The analysis compares Schiff’s TV time to his appearances in other venues, such as on the House floor.

He has spoken in the House chambers 10 times for just over 36 minutes, the RNC says.