(Breitbart) A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher told CNN that students of color could be shot at by teachers at a higher rate than whites if educators across the country are allowed to get armed.

During a Friday evening appearance on CNN, Diane Wolk-Rogers said President Donald Trump’s suggestion that teachers should be armed “horrifies” her.

She then wanted to address “the white elephant in the room”—racial injustice.


“If what you’re telling me is that we have trained professionals who weren’t able to follow protocol, then I can’t imagine my teachers—overworked, underpaid, exhausted— carrying a sidearm, and then being able to perform that protocol,” she said.

“And I also, I want to talk about the white elephant in the room.”

“Because what we know is that students of color get suspended and get expelled at a higher rate than white kids.”

“So, now, what are we going to say, Mr. Trump? We’re going to say that now students of color are going to be shot at by teachers at a higher rate? It’s absolutely ludicrous. It horrifies me.”

Wolk-Rogers made her comments after some left-wing pundits and Never Trumpers immediately brought up race when discussing Trump’s proposal to arm teachers.

An editor at the “Above the Law” blog, in a widely-shared article on the left, argued last week that America is too racist to arm teachers, and instructors should not be armed because cops “murder civilians all the time,” and many of the “innocent” victims have been people of color…

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