Video platform reveals arrogance in now-deleted tweet


A now-deleted tweet from the beta males at YouTube mocked a critic speaking out against the demonetization of popular YouTube channels – right as the video platform is facing backlash over censorship!

After YouTube tweeted out a politically-correct message, Twitter user Ian Conery pointed out he hates “the people who run YouTube, from the trending page to the demonizations to Tweets like this.”

To which YouTube apparently responded with this:

Notice how YouTube didn’t deny Conery’s allegations – and acted as if nothing was wrong with its behavior, despite YouTube recently banning conservative, libertarian and Second Amendment channels for no reason – unless, of course, the reason is censorship.

Infowars’ own Jerome Corsi experienced his channel getting banned with little warning on Thursday – and then the channel was mysteriously reinstated on Friday morning with no strikes.

YouTube claimed the banned channels were “mistakenly” pulled by “new moderators,” but it’s an excuse few are taking credibly.

In fact, some are even suggesting the temporary ban was meant to demotivate channel owners from uploading more videos out of fear they’ll get banned anyway.

This argument is bolstered by the fact that YouTube demonetized many political channels last year which discouraged channel owners from producing new content.