Introduction: This interview took place this week between a Gateway Pundit reporter and a former Department head in the Department of Justice. The names were withheld due to privacy concerns.

A former Department Head in the DOJ expressed his anger and shame with his former agency in an exclusive discussion with The Gateway Pundit. We were told that current and former agents throughout the FBI feel the same way. They are repulsed by the corruption of the recent leadership in the Department of Justice.

We interviewed a former Head of a major department under the Justice Department. We’ve kept the identity of the individual anonymous and will refer to this person as “Mr DOJ”. Here are the notes from our discussion.

Mr. DOJ started off by commenting that former leaders in the FBI are ‘pissed’ and ‘ashamed’ of the recent actions taken by the corrupt leadership at the FBI. Both current and past leaders within and retired from the FBI are very upset with the current leaders within the FBI who committed what they describe as criminal acts.

Hillary Clinton

We spoke to Mr. DOJ in 2016 after Former FBI Director James Comey announced that he was not going to recommend charges for Hillary Clinton in the email scandal. Mr. DOJ said at the time that Comey let Hillary off because Comey wanted to get out the information on Hillary’s crimes before the election and the only way to do this was to announce them and then let her off easy. Mr. DOJ stated then that if Comey had pressed charges, he thought that all of this would be buried until after the election and the American people would never know. Mr. DOJ implied that he spoke with Comey directly about Comey’s actions but this was not verified at the time.

Now Mr. DOJ says that it appears that Comey was contacting leaders within the Justice Department both current and retired to share the narrative noted above. Mr. DOJ mentioned he has a picture signed by Comey with himself which he took down and will no longer put on his wall. Mr. DOJ can’t stand Comey and is very angry about the actions that Comey and others at the DOJ and FBI took that he sees as criminal.

Former and current DOJ leadership are very discouraged, angered and ashamed of James Comey’s actions. Mr. DOJ says Comey’s actions to leak information to the press were “criminal.” Comey is no longer respected in any way by the current and former leaders in the FBI.

Mr. DOJ said that if he had done what Hillary Clinton did with classified information he’d be in prison. The information Hillary stored on her server included extremely classified material. Some of the items were so classified that for anyone to see them they would have to go into a special room at a special location and leave their phone behind. Also, Mr. DOJ said that anyone with the ability to see the classified information that Clinton had access to is constantly reminded by the DOJ that classified information should be handled appropriately and with care.

Hillary lied when she said that she didn’t know the information was classified.


Mr. DOJ stated that he prepared and presented FISA applications to the FISA Court. The reason that the rate of applications approved is so high is because the standards are so high with the court. Mr. DOJ knows that applications have to be well written and cover all the bases before being provided to the court. He reviewed applications for a time and was responsible for reviewing them. They had to be perfect when they went to the court. When the FISA applications were sent to the FISA Court to spy on President Trump, the fact that any information was omitted or hidden from the court, was a criminal act.

Inspector General

Mr. DOJ believes that the report coming out from the IG will detail many criminal acts. The reason he believes this is because the key individuals who are involved in the FISA and Hillary scandals (e.g. McCabe and Strzok) are all lawyering up.

We asked what about the IG finding the texts between Strzok and Page and notifying Mueller and not the Congress. Mr. DOJ stated that that is standard protocol. If the IG finds someone doing criminal activity the proper action would be to inform the related party’s supervisor ASAP.

We also asked why did the IG turn the 5 months of lost Strzok and Page text messages over to the FBI and not Congress after the DOJ had said they lost these text messages. Again, according to Mr. DOJ, this was proper procedure and the IG had no duty to hand these over to Congress as the IG works for the DOJ and not Congress. Also, Mr. DOJ said that it was lie when the FBI said they lost the text messages. “The FBI doesn’t lose anything.” Congress can request these text messages from the IG if they wish.

Overall, Mr. DOJ believes that the IG report will be very damning to current and former DOJ employees.

Trump and Mueller

Mr. DOJ said that that President Trump should never sit for an interview with Mueller. He said that he and Mueller’s team could easily get the President or anyone to lie when in a question and answer session. It is easy. Often times the FBI and DOJ would get those they were interrogating to lie and then state that it’s 5 years in prison for lying under oath and use this as a measure to get people to talk.

Mr. DOJ knows Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strzok and all the leadership at the FBI and DOJ in the news. McCabe was always trying to move ahead. Strzok was a punk. Lisa Page was a slut. It is sick what they were doing. He is disgusted with Comey.

He doesn’t know why Mueller ever took the case. He has many reasons to recuse himself. The investigation is tainted because of this. Overall, Mr. DOJ doesn’t believe anyone will get charged. His significant other disagrees.

We mentioned that we believe that the Manafort suit of Mueller, Rosenstein and the DOJ will shut down the Mueller investigation. We also hope that the real crooks will then be investigated and thrown in prison.