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WALSH: The NRA Has Killed Zero People. Here’s How Many Planned Parenthood Has Killed.

Matt Walsh

Planned Parenthood has joined the war against the NRA and gun rights. I’m impressed they could find the time, considering they’re also wrapped up in their war against babies and life itself.

It was revealed today that the Parkland survivors-turned-activists are being funded, in part, by the abortion giant. This is no surprise, as Planned Parenthood has been very outspoken about “ending gun violence.” It has been somewhat less outspoken about ending forceps violence.

Since Planned Parenthood has decided to interject here, I think it could be worthwhile to compare their organization with the despised NRA. After all, some companies that have joined in the NRA boycott still donate to Planned Parenthood. And, while Republicans are accused of being “owned” by the NRA, the Democrats accept millions of dollars every year from Planned Parenthood. In return, they give 500 million dollars of tax money to Planned Parenthood. A sweet deal, if you can get it. The two groups are just donating money to each other, back and forth, and the media is too busy worrying about the NRA’s lobbying practices to notice the fact that the Democrats and Planned Parenthood are practically making love to each other in broad daylight.

So, how do the two groups stack up?

The NRA has killed precisely zero people. Actually, let me correct myself. An NRA instructor did kill the church shooter in Texas. So it may be more accurate to say that the NRA has killed zero innocent people and one mass murderer in the past year.

Planned Parenthood’s record is slightly different. Rather than killing mass murderers, it employs them. Rather than saving lives, it directly destroys them. For money. Planned Parenthood has executed approximately 330,000 human beings — in the past year. That’s 900 a day. That’s 37 an hour. Planned Parenthood murders twice as many kids in an hour with scissors and forceps than the Parkland shooter managed to kill with his AR-15. Planned Parenthood kills one kid every two minutes. Every day. All week. All year. Over the course of its existence, the death toll is well over seven million. That’s seven million children who never had a chance to be high school students because their lifeless bodies were hacked to pieces and the remainder thrown in dumpsters behind Planned Parenthood clinics.

Do you know how many dead bodies have populated the trash receptacles of NRA headquarters? Zero.

Do you know how many children the NRA will kill today while Planned Parenthood is knocking off its requisite 900? Zero.

Do you know how many body parts the NRA has sold for profit? Zero.

To review. The body count between the two organizations is 7 million to zero.


But, sure, let’s boycott the NRA.

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