Steve Dellar

Last Sunday, I wrote an op-ed after Delta and United had decided to stop offering discounts to NRA members, in which I noted that American customers are the most loyal ever and that the airlines risk offending some of their trusted clients.

One week later and a Lawmaker in Georgia feels offended enough to introduce a tax bill that will indeed punish Delta airlines to the tune of $38 million.

The GOP controlled state of Georgia therefore passed a sweeping tax bill scrapping a jet-fuel tax break that directly benefited Delta Airlines. Many interpreted it correctly as a retaliatory move over the company’s policy regarding the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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The vote came into being after Lieutenant Governor Mr Casey Cagle threatened Delta on February 26 via Twitter, explaining he would oppose any legislation that benefited the airline if it wouldn’t reinstate its NRA benefits program.

As one of Georgia’s biggest employers, the airline hoped to secure the tax break on jet fuel. It the GOP would have decided to pass the legislation, it would have meant a $38 million saving per year. Mr Cagle vowed Delta will not see this money until they reinstate the NRA discount.