Parkland high school junior hits out at ‘coward’ teacher who ‘closed the door on him and other students’ during the Florida massacre

Daily Mail

A student who survived the Parkland high school massacre on February 14 accused one of his teachers earlier this week of locking him and over a dozen other kids out in the hallway as the gunman was in the middle of his shooting spree.

Josh Gallagher, a junior from Coral Springs, Florida, posted a scathing message on social media accusing his math teacher, Jim Gard of Pompano Beach, of being a coward.

Gard defended himself, telling the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that he was simply following the rules and that he didn’t see any students in the hall.

‘I’m a victim of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting,’ Gallagher wrote in a Twitter post on Wednesday.

‘Before the shooting took place I was located in the 700 building which is right next to the freshmen building facing it in my Math class with my Teacher Jim Gard,’ he writes.

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