MUST go viral! Infowars YouTube to be deleted based on this fraud!

The establishment liberal media and Late Night Comedy accuse Alex Jones and InfoWars of calling the Parkland high school shooting victims “crisis actors.”

Meanwhile YouTube takes down InfoWars videos and threatens to delete the entire Alex Jones Channel for “bullying” survivors of the Florida massacre.

Yet, to this date NO VIDEO has been brought forward by any news outlet proving that Alex Jones or anyone at Infowars called the students crisis actors.

In fact, all Infowars has done is point out that only a few students out of thousands were promoted by the mainstream media for their anti-gun stance, and presented clips from local media of other students and teachers giving their accounts of the Parkland shooting that left 17 dead.

The truth is, the corporate media is deliberately misrepresenting what Infowars has reported not only to pressure tech companies like YouTube to remove our content in the name of “preventing harassment and bullying,” but to silence debate about what actually happened at Parkland to control the narrative.