MSM, Dems fooled by their own propaganda on social media


After heavily promoting the Democratic “Blue Wave,” particularly in Texas, the mainstream media quickly abandoned the story after election results proved it was a myth.

Not even 24 hours after polls closed in Texas, there’s no mention of election results on CNN’s home page, for example.

Even the left-leaning Texas Tribune was forced to admit that “Texas Republicans outvoted Democrats in the 2018 primaries — again.”

“Vote counts Tuesday night once again showed how Texas is a red state,” reported the Tribune. “Despite an apparent early rush to the polls for Democrats, Republicans ended up casting more ballots in the 2018 primaries.”

In other words, the “Blue Wave” was simply a mirage in the desert Democrats find themselves lost in as they lack a cohesive strategy outside of “dump Trump.”

But why were Democrats – including the mainstream media – fooled into believing it?  Well, as one 4Chan anon pointed out:

The problem is that the left is astroturfing propaganda everywhere and shutting down dissenting opinions, but they actually believe their astroturf across social media represents average public opinion.

So, they are getting false signals because they’re just believing their own propaganda.

That’s pretty plausible – and hilarious. Serves them right for waging war against free speech.

And it also reveals how their propaganda has no basis in reality, just like how the election polls showing Hillary Clinton with a “95% chance of winning” had no basis in reality.