Will walk the streets after posting bail – will residents protest?


An illegal alien has been charged with vehicular homicide and ICE agents want to take him into custody, but the Denver Sheriff’s office will not honor the detainer.

26-year-old Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda allegedly rammed into a semi-truck, killing the driver, and will be free to walk the streets until his next court date if he posts a $25,000 bond.

The crash was caught on cellphone video and police say Castaneda fled the scene and was still slurring his speech when they apprehended him at his home the next day.

Denver hasn’t honored detainer orders from ICE since 2014, but now the federal government is cracking down on lawmakers and politicians who disobey federal immigration law.

Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a lawsuit against the state of California over the sanctuary state’s immigration policies.

A reporter for the Daily Wire called for the DOJ to sue Colorado next for failing to keep citizens safe.

A Fox 31 Denver report can be seen below: