HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WBMA) — Authorities says five woman are facing criminal charges in connection with a Walmart scam that resulted in at least $250,000 worth of losses.

The scheme, called “Cash Cash Scam,” involved tricking cashiers into loading pre-paid gift cards. The task force says Airel Mack, Darcika Mack, Andrea McCracklin, Zipporah Davis, and Denise Gamble were taking part in the scheme across the Birmingham Metro and Alabama at large.

According to law enforcement, the scheme usually involves the thief befriending the cashier. The person then pretends to buy a small group of items including pre-paid gift cards. What the cashier doesn’t know is the thief knows a code which opens the register.

For example, this is sometimes done by the person asking to purchase cigarettes at the last minute before purchase, causing the unsuspecting cashier to turn their back to the thief who then enters the code. To the unsuspecting cashier it looks like the items have been paid for and the funds are then credited to the gift card.

The Birmingham Division of the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Task Force began working with Walmart to investigate a group of woman allegedly committing the fraud scheme in August 2017.

The five women were recently arrested but more arrests could be made. Investigators are still working to uncover the scope of the scheme in Alabama said Vestavia Hills Police Department’s Lt. Steve Gurley.