Source: Nicholas Fondacaro

As the Media Research Center’s Curtis Houck reported on Monday, CNN’s Jim Acosta threw a hissy fit following yet another White House press briefing where he wasn’t called on to ask a question (the third by his count). And in a rather enthusiastic appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer ripped into the moody CNN journalist for acting so immaturely.

After host Sean Hannity and media reporter Joe Concha of The Hill discussed the Media Research Center’s new study on network news negativity with President Trump, the Fox News host teed up Spicer by slamming Acosta and CNN for being so over the top and ridiculous:

I’ve watched you battle that idiot over at fake news, Acosta. If they want to call him a journalist, but this is the same network that we saw go dumpster diving in St. Petersburg, Russia and now they went to a jail in Thailand to interview a sex coach and prostitute thinking they’re going to crack up the Trump-Russia collusion story.

Spicer began his response by congratulating Hannity on his ratings success over CNN and then switched to lambasting Acosta. “Let’s be honest. Jim Acosta is a carnival barker in the pressroom that is both clueless and classless,” he declared.



The day that briefing was taking place, Sarah answered over 40 questions,” Spicer continued. “But because Jim Acosta didn’t get his precious questions in, which I’m sure would have amounted to screaming and yelling about something obscured. He feels as though that showed a lack of courage.” He then reminded Acosta what real courage looked like:

But on that same day, Sarah had two combat veterans sitting on stage that just met with President Trump who he thanked for their service. Sergeant John Peck and Sergeant Liam Dwyer. Both individuals who were injured in Iraq separately, went back, rehabbed, went to therapy, and then re-enlisted to go to Iraq. And in both cases, both got furthered injured. Sergeant Peck lost both his arms and both his legs. Staff Sergeant Dwyer lost an arm and has had over 50 surgeries.

That, Mr. Acosta, is courage. That’s courage. Don’t talk about not getting a question being a lack of courage. Real courage is going to serve this country and acting like an adult,” Spicer concluded.

Hannity gave the last word to Concha who had his own reality check of Acosta on the nature of White House press briefings. “Fox News in the first four years of President Obama’s press conferences, 36 press conferences. He only called on Fox 14 times,” he explained. “So networks get boxed out depending on the administration. This is how it works.