Three men are in custody Tuesday after they chased down two teens who allegedly stole a car near Cleveland, Ohio.

Police say the two teens attempted to steal a car with a GPS system inside it and then men were able to track their whereabouts and intercept them in Cleveland. The chase took place for about 10 miles between Garfield Heights and Cleveland. Eventually the car chase ended when the kids drove off the road and hit both a telephone pole and a condo. Not exactly the most heroic way to go down.

Once the men caught up with the kids, they pulled them out of the car, held them up at gunpoint, stuffed them into the trunk and drove them straight to the police headquarters. Authorities apparently weren’t so impressed by the heroic interception, however, because they put the three men under arrest instead of these two hoodlums.

Which is an outrage.

I can’t believe police thought the three men were the bad guys in this scenario. These guys are heroes. They’re like the Batmen of Cleveland. Just a few regular vigilantes looking out for the good of the people. I see nothing wrong with holding a few minors at gunpoint and stuffing them into the trunk of a truck. If anything, these guys should be awarded for their courage.

These kids are lucky they got taken to police headquarters and not somewhere far worse.