On Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Iger told shareholders that “The View” co-host Joy Behar apologized to Vice President Mike Pence for recent disparaging comments she made about his Christian faith. Iger said Behar called Pence directly on the phone to apologize; a source close to Pence confirmed the call to Fox News.

However, some conservatives are unhappy with the alleged apology since Behar did not acknowledge her apparent regret for the anti-Christian commentary to the public. Behar’s comments likened Christian faith to a “mental illness,” which clearly offended more than just the Christianity of Mr. Pence.

At the meeting, shareholder Justin Danhof asked Iger, “What do you say to the tens of millions of Christians, and President Trump supporters, that your networks have so blatantly offended and ascribed hateful labels? Specifically, do you think, like Mrs. Hostin and Mrs. Behar, that the Christian faith is akin to a dangerous mental illness?”

“I don’t know where I start,” replied the CEO. “First of all, Joy Behar apologized to Vice President Pence directly. She made a call to him and apologized, which I thought was absolutely appropriate.”

Iger went further, saying that he personally “takes exception” to Behar’s comments. “I don’t think it was right,” he said.

“Not the most powerful man in Hollywood, today he was the most tepid man in Hollywood,” Danhof said of Iger, speaking to Fox News. “He took one real question after about a dozen soliloquies of praise for how great and wonderful he is.”

Behar mocked Pence’s faith back in mid-February on “The View” alongside co-host Sunny Hostin.

“I don’t know that I want my vice president, um — speaking in tongues and having Jesus speak to him,” said Hostin.

Behar classified believing one hears from God as a “mental illness.”

Pence rebuked the remarks on C-SPAN. “To have ABC maintain a broadcast forum that compared Christianity to mental illness is just wrong,” he said. “It is simply wrong for ABC to have a television program that expresses that kind of religious intolerance.”

Media Research Center launched a campaign against Behar after her remarks, which the group classified as “anti-Christian bigotry.”

MRC president Brent Bozell told Fox News that Behar’s private apology was a step in the right direction, but a public apology was necessary.

“It is a good first step that Joy Behar privately apologized to Vice President Pence, but it is not nearly enough. Behar and ABC need to publicly apologize for the bigoted slurs on ‘The View.’ The bigoted statements made about the Vice President’s Christian faith offended hundreds of millions of Christians across the country, the largest faith group in the United States,” said Bozell. “Their apology should therefore be as public as their insult. When they do that, this whole matter will be put to rest. Until they do, we will not let up our campaign to let the world — including their advertisers — know of their anti-Christian bigotry.”