Lou Dobbs: If GOP Leaders Ryan and McConnell Continue to Battle Trump They Will See Largest Loss of Seats by Majority Party in a Century

Lou Dobbs slammed Republican Congressional leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for fighting President Trump on trade.

According to Lou, RINOs who reject President Trump’s tariff plan care more about the Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable than hard working, middle class Americans and small businesses.

107 Republican (Globalist) lawmakers signed a letter to President Trump on Wednesday expressing concern over steel and aluminum tariffs.

The list included Speaker Paul Ryan who has repeatedly attacked the Republican president this week for standing up for working Americans.

Lou Dobbs warned Republican leaders and fellow RINOs that if they continue to stand against this president they will suffer historic losses in November.

Lou Dobbs: If republicans continue to battle this president on these policies Ryan and McConnell will be responsible for the largest loss of seats by a majority party in a century. And most likely the 107 Republicans who have put their names down in opposition to the president’s decision to impose tariffs on steel and on aluminum will be among the unemployed come next year.