Thursday morning, a man was arrested and banned from Shorewood Hills Elementary School after he gave a teacher a piece of cardboard with the word “gun” written on it.

“Fitzgerald made statements to the teacher in the room about being an intruder who was allowed access to the school and gave the teacher a piece of cardboard with the word ‘gun’ on it,” Shorewood Hills Police Chief Aaron Chapin said.

After the shooting at a South Florida high school, tensions have been on edge involving guns and school safety. The left thinks that a gun ban, or gun restrictions will stop the event of a school shooting. This man proved another point that needed to be made. School security is the real problem.

By walking in, getting past the front door buzzer, walking past the front office, and not being stopped, if that piece of cardboard that said “gun” happened to be a real firearm, the children in that classroom could have been killed.

This point, although not the smartest thing to do, needed to be made. Criminals are going to get a gun if they intend to. There will always be illegal back channels for criminals to receive deadly weapons. The real problem is school safety.

If that elementary school would  have had an armed security guard at the door, a situation like this would have been stopped. Instead it was left up to unarmed school staff to ‘follow’ the man until he went into the classroom.

The debate on whether to arm teachers and school personnel has been circulating around the gun debate. Recently, the Florida House passed a bill that would allow some  teachers and school personnel to be armed.

According to CNN:

The Florida House on Wednesday passed legislation that would impose new restrictions on firearm sales and allow some teachers and staff to carry guns in school.

Spurred by the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act passed 67-50. It now goes to Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who has 15 days to sign it.

A gun ban is not the answer. There are other ways of dealing with this kind of problem. Florida has made great steps in starting to find ways that would increase school safety.