On Friday, MRCTV released a new video featuring Brittany Hughes in which the host talks about YouTube’s alleged censoring of conservative content.

“YouTube claims to uphold four distinct values: freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of opportunity, and freedom to belong — unless, apparently, you say stuff that they don’t like,” Hughes states at the top of the video, adding that the company seems to be “unfairly targeting right-leaning videos.”

YouTube wants us to believe that this is not censorship. They say that they’re committed to free speech and that they don’t penalize videos simply for being political, or for being conservative. But you know what? That’s getting a lot harder to believe.

Hughes then speaks about how the “Military Arms Channel” was “temporarily suspended without warning last month simply for posting informative videos about guns and the Second Amendment.” She also mentions that the “Legal Insurrection” channel was deleted last year. It lost years of videos.

She continues with Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU:

Just last January, YouTube demonetized a two-hour completely civil political discussion between Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro. They flagged the video as content “not suitable for most advertisers.” But they never did say why. PragerU is actually suing YouTube after dozens of their explainer videos were placed on the site’s restricted list, supposedly for being offensive.

When it comes to MRCTV, Hughes even notes that “any video that we post that even mentions abortion is almost instantly stripped of its ads.”

YouTube says that they rely on users to flag videos that they find hateful or offensive — not because the video is actually offensive, but because people don’t like it. YouTube then reviews the video and decides whether to remove its ads, restrict it, or take it down altogether. But they won’t say how they make this determination, or why so many conservative videos are magically getting restricted. I guess so much for free speech.

Watch the entire video here: