Image result for FIU pedestrian bridge collapses days after installation; police say multiple deaths, cars trapped

A pedestrian bridge under construction collapsed Thursday, just days after crews had dropped an elevated 950-ton span in place in a project that was intended to give Florida International University students a safe route across the busy roadway.

The bridge gave way suddenly while the traffic light for motorists on Tamiami Trail was red, so that the concrete span fell on top of a row of stopped vehicles.

A woman stopped at the light who was heading westbound said the structure fell without warning. The woman, who asked that her name not be used, said it was immediately clear to her that several people were dead.

Motorists scrambled out of their cars to help. She said one fortunate girl was seated in the front of a car whose rear was crushed by the bridge. The girl was pulled out unscathed by rescuers.