AWR Hawkins

New Jersey’s Sayreville School District is issuing two-day suspensions for students who participated in the student walkout for gun control. reports: “Sayreville Superintendent of Schools Richard Labbe said the moment that the district heard about the walkout, he advised parents and staff in his weekly ‘Talk Sup’ memo that because of safety reasons, a walkout would not be condoned, supported or encouraged.”

Labbe added:

We are in support of and have always encouraged our students to express themselves and exercise their freedom of speech, so long as it does not cause a major disruption to the school environment and does not put them in danger, Therefore, we believe that allowing and/or supporting them to walk out of our schools on a specific date and at a specific time is not safe and will cause a major disruption to the education of those students, as well as those who wish to remain in class learning.

The New York Post quotes Sierra Thomas, a Sayreville War Memorial High School student who walked out for gun control. “We met up with about 10 more people,” she said. Reports say Thomas and about 23 others walked out.

Thomas said she was told that she and her fellow protesters would receive a two-day suspension.

Another student participant, Rosa Rodriguez, said, “I don’t care if I get suspended.”