Mayor alerted illegals to upcoming ICE raid

The father of a teen killed by an illegal immigrant is calling out the mayor of Oakland, California, after she alerted illegals to an upcoming ICE raid.

Speaking to Fox & Friends Friday, Jamiel Shaw Jr. slammed Mayor Libby Schaaf over her decision to warn illegals that ICE would be conducting an operation in the Bay Area within 24 hours.

“You know, it was just disgusting,” Shaw said. “Her job is to protect the citizens, the American citizens, you know. And for her to take a stand like that, she’s allowing Americans to be murdered.”

Shaw’s 17-year-old son Jazz was on his way back home from a football game when he was shot and killed by an illegal alien in 2008. The illegal was described as a DACA recipient who had just completed a four-month sentence for assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a police officer.

“She has blood on her hands because she could have easily just let them go into the jail system and capture those criminals, but she allowed them to come out and then for people to be murdered and raped and robbed and identity theft,” Shaw said. “That’s all on her and people like her.”

Around 800 illegals evaded capture during the operation after Mayor Schaff’s warning, 115 of which ICE described as having “had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as child sex crimes, weapons charges and assault, or had past convictions for significant or multiple misdemeanors.”

President Trump, who’s made tackling illegal immigration a priority for his administration, criticized Mayor Schaaf last week, calling what she did a “disgrace” and blaming her for helping illegals evade capture.

“What the mayor of Oakland did the other day was a disgrace,” the president said during a White House meeting. “They had close to 1,000 people ready to be gotten, ready to be taken off the streets … they say 85 percent of them are criminals and had criminal records. And the mayor of Oakland went out and warned them, scattered, so instead of taking in a thousand they took in a fraction of that.”

Shaw gave testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee in 2015 asking for the Obama administration to more rigorously enforce immigration laws.

“Why was this violent illegal alien allowed to walk the streets of America instead of being deported? Why was ICE not called to pick up this violent invader?” Shaw asked.

Shaw is part of a group known as “Angel Families” who have had loved ones slain by people in the country illegally. They are calling for Mayor Schaaf to be prosecuted.