Mac Slavo

Gold and silver expert David Morgan recently appeared in an interview with USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter.  Morgan said point blank that “if the Deep State gets pushed into a corner much further, they can basically pull the plug,” and may just crash our economy.

Morgan explains why he thinks it is a great idea to have some physical gold and silver in your portfolio.  “That means the stock market could come tumbling down, and then they [the deep state] could blame the Trump Administration,” said Morgan.

“If you are losing the chess game, you just get up and turn the table over and the pieces go flying everywhere. That is a metaphor for a war. That’s a metaphor for crashing the stock market. That’s a metaphor for crashing the bond market, and it’s a metaphor for it happening on its own. I am concerned that if you win, you lose. This is why the unraveling is being done extremely carefully,” he continued.

“I am not saying it is going to happen. I am saying it could happen. These people are so used to winning a rigged game, if they start being caught, and they have been caught, then they are going to do things that are not necessarily predictable. They are not going to act in a rational manner. They are going to do anything possible to protect themselves. You cannot rule out the possibility that they will turn the table over and that’s it.”

Morgan explains that the problem with the market is its manipulation by the deep state. Once they begin to lose their grip on those they feel are underneath them, they could just “end the chess game” by “flipping the table.”

A good portion of the interview shows Morgan discussing the importance of silver.

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