Chris Menahan

State governments are lining up to give the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, billions in tax breaks for Amazon’s second headquarters, but citizens across the ideological spectrum are uniting to demand the lunacy stop.

From The Guardian, “‘Not welcome here’: Amazon faces growing resistance to its second home”:

In Atlanta, an anonymous group of activists with roots in the Occupy movement has set up, a website that compares the HQ2 process to “something like a televised Hunger Games death-match”, and has designed anti-Amazon flyers that have been plastered around town.

Generation Opportunity, a conservative advocacy group for millennials associated with the Koch brothers, has launched a targeted digital ad campaign with a slickly produced, ominously soundtracked video that compares the HQ2 competition to — wait for it — the Hunger Games.

And a petition launched by the prominent urbanist Richard Florida and dozens of other academics calling for the finalist cities to unite in a “mutual non-aggression pact” on tax incentives has garnered more than 15,000 signatures.

The idea behind the pact is that rather than engage in a tax-break arms race, everyone should agree not to offer incentives. That would force Amazon to simply choose its new home by the merits of the locations, which Florida told the Guardian he suspects they will do anyway, and free up local governments to invest their tax dollars in the kind of improvements that make a city attractive to a corporation in the first place.

“I didn’t expect to ever write a protest letter,” said Florida, who was part of the group that organized Toronto’s bid for HQ2, where he advocated against tax incentives. “But one weekend I was so mad, I started emailing my friends across the ideological spectrum, and every one of them said they’d sign on in a minute.”

Florida called the tax incentives proposed by states like New Jersey ($7bn) and Maryland ($3bn) “obscene”, an assessment shared by the Washington-based advocacy group Fair Budget Coalition.

“Jeff Bezos personally has more money than the district’s budget,” said the group’s co-director, Monica Kamen. “Are we going to give the richest man in history a tax break before we make sure that homeless children have a place to sleep?”

I couldn’t agree more.

Jeff Bezos pushes communism through his ownership of the Washington Post.

Instead of donating to help American dreamers suffering in the land which made him rich, he recently donated $33 million to fund scholarships for illegal aliens who are massive drains on our social services.

By pushing for open-borders, he’s pushing for the exacerbation of our two-tiered society into a tiny ruling elite at the top and a sea of lumpen proles at the bottom with no middle class.

While Bezos pushes for high taxes on us plebs, he got rich because Amazon was able to dodge sales taxes which brick and mortar stores were forced to pay.

Now, despite being the world’s richest man, he’s demanding billions in special tax breaks. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

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