CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has been complaining recently about not being called on during the press briefings for his questions. Acosta tweeted out on March 5:

On Friday, Sanders held a briefing and Acosta was nowhere to be seen as he was out on vacation. However, his replacement, Senior White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny, who was also sitting in the exact seat Acosta usually occupies, was called on twice.

He was first called on by Marc Short, the Director of Legislative Affairs, where he asked, “How many more confirmation hearings can this Senate withstand as it leads to other potential personnel announcements?”

Then Sanders took back the podium and gave Zeleny yet another question, in stark contrast to how she has been treating Acosta since his complaining began. He asked, “Why is it that there is still a need for change inside the president’s cabinet or among his circle of advisers?” – READ MORE