The people of South Africa need our help. The violence and murder is some of the most grotesque in recent memory and as great a tragedy as ever.

“Over the past 18 months, no less than 7 senior black South African politicians promised white South Africans that a civil war is on its way.

Most recently, the Minister of Defense spoke explicitly in a TV interview of a white genocide.

This trend of the Communist Party-aligned African National Congress government – since it assumed power 24 years ago – coincides perfectly with the forecasts of the world’s foremost genocide expert, Dr. Gregory Stanton, formerly of Genocide Watch of Washington, D.C.

They are killing us on the farms, in the suburbs, in our hijacked cars, and in the city centres.

They are killing us like flies.

Now, precisely as Dr. Stanton foretold it would happen, they are using specific rhetoric to agitate, to inspire, and to initiate the final phase of genocide through civil war.

Suidlanders is the world’s largest non-state civil defense organization, constituted under international law per the Geneva Convention to safeguard the welfare of non-combatant civilians of the Boer people.

We are preparing to stand our ground, to die if necessary, rather than give any more way to barbarism in the beautiful country that our forefathers built with blood, sweat, tears, and faith in Almighty God.

We shall be the last people in the history of the world that shall stand – as a homogeneous nation undiluted – to die for Christ against the wave of humanism that has been injected by aliens into the veins of the European peoples of the world today.

As you might imagine, just as the Boer people are treated as pariahs, Suidlanders is persona non grata in the New South African Rainbow Nation, as the liberals call it. Many of our members are clandestine. It is difficult for us to raise money. Many people have lost their jobs for doing far less than supporting us: if they utter anything remotely conservative, the government applies pressure to their employers, be it a bank, real estate agency, or commercial farm.

Our members take real, actual risks in supporting us in the face of a society gone mad with liberalism.

We are asking for your help to urgently raise funds for vital necessities, especially diesel fuel because of its numerous versatile applications in conditions of war. That will be followed and supplemented by medicine, radios, and feminine and paediatric items e.g. food, clothing, bedding, and tents.

We seek to initially raise one million South African rand (approximately $100,000 U.S. dollars). That will only be the beginning.
In the past few days, less than 48 hours before the launch time of this campaign, our parliament passed a motion to initiate a programme expropriating (confiscating, stealing) white-owned property without compensation.

That massive, huge development has gone deliberately unreported by the mainstream media of the world.

It is only with the help of you that we stand a chance of preparing for what has begun.