Numerous media outlets including Fox News have now reported that the Central Intelligence Agency will now be taking the lead on preparations for the monumental meeting between the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, and the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

This meeting has historical potential, as it will be the first time two behemoth enemy leaders sit down face-to-face during any active Presidential Administration in recent history.

Over the period of several decades, the Democratic Party’s leadership ignored the real threat of North Korea’s nuclear ambition, and in just one year in office, President Trump has already forced Kim Jong Un to the negotiating tables with tough talk and hard rhetoric.

The Goldwater is the only media outlet on the internet to speculate as to the most secure potential meeting locations between North Korea and the United States, in part by our own resident military intelligence expert Major Burdock, suggesting that the meeting between President Trump a Leader Kim Jong Un will likely be held in South Korea, displaying specific positions of interest that will undoubtedly be decided upon by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Sweden has also offered to host the duo, but their lackluster, liberal, and virtue-[ignaling leadership have proven consistently that they cannot even secure their own country from the Islamic genocide of mass migration, so that seems very unlikely, despite the recent visit to Stockholm from North Korea’s Foreign Minister Mr. Ri Yong-ho.

Many have worries about the reports that the Central Intelligence Agency will now be mapping the plans for the historic meeting, with the majority of the United States of America having little trust for the rogue intelligence community, especially after the revaluation of FISA abuses and illicit spying on Americans under Barack Hussein Obama.

Former Presidents, such as that of Bill Clinton, met in 2009 with the delegation under North Korea’s then-Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il, in the infamous “Tidal Wave” photographs, which some have suggested was a prophetic image portraying New York City as being hit by a tsunami after a Nuclear explosion on the ocean manipulated the waves to crash into the city.

Putting “conspiracy realities” aside, there have been countless failures to recognize and manage the threat from North Korea by previous Presidents, which is why America is in the position against North Korea we’re currently witnessing.

Many have blamed President Clinton for the failures of his original dealings under the negotiations and treaty known as the “Agreed Framework,” which have proven to have served zero positive purposes in the world as North Korea has senselessly continued to pursue oppression of its own people and threatening the entire world with nuclear testing.

Bill Clinton actually called that deal “good for the USA,” which was the furthest thing from the truth.

What ended up happening, is the United States of America pretended as if North Korea was no longer a problem, as the nation continued to develop their dangerous nuclear ambitions promoting warheads with nuclear capabilities to attach to intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach our own shores.

In reality, it shows the idiotic trust of the liberal Democrats who are outmatched and outplayed by international opponents of America.

As such, Kim Jong Un has become one of the world’s most infamous evils, launching intercontinental ballistic missiles over the sovereign waters and even islands of Japan and Guam, as well as the torture of Otto Warmbier, who lost his battle for life due to the violent and heinous treatment inside the rogue nation of North Korea whilst in captivity.

Warmbier’s story is one the underscores the vile nature of the North Korean menace, as his parents described via a report by The Goldwater in mid September of 2017, where they referred to the North Korean leadership as being “terrorists,” a far cry from the left wing media who seemingly praised the regime during this year’s winter Olympics.

The disgusting coverage of those events seemed to glorify the evil in North Korea, failing to recognize the absolute terror of the human rights abuses committed inside the Korean Peninsula, through the hands of Kim Jong Un’s revealed and feared military.

For those unaware, Otto Warmbier was a University of Virginia student who was detained by Kim Jong-un’s regime after being accused of allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. He would later pass away in a United States hospital, after being released back to the US government, suffering from a serious neurological injury and being in a deep coma.

North Korea insisted that it was somehow the “biggest victim,” with its foreign ministry even saying in a statement after Warmbier’s death that while they have no reason at all to show mercy to “such a criminal” and calling Warmbier an “enemy of the state,” they argued that they provided him with medical treatments and care “with all sincerity on a humanitarian basis” until his return to the United States of America.

Fred Warmbier, Otto’s father, was finally able to refute those claims during an interview in which he said North Korea was not a victim in which fashion they attempted to proclaim.

He said, “Now we see North Korea claiming to be a victim and the world is picking on them, and we’re here to tell you North Korea’s not a victim, they’re terrorists.”

The father added, “They kidnapped Otto, they tortured him, they intentionally injured him.” He emphasized with conviction: “They are not victims, they’re terrorists.”

It has also been reported that Kim Jong Un wants a peace treaty with the United States of America during his meeting with President Trump, although the President has been adamant that North Korea must agree to full disarmament before such a treaty is ever considered, as Donald Trump is unwilling to make the same mistakes as the failed President William Jefferson Clinton.

South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-who says North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has “given his word” in a commitment toward eventual denuclearization, although only time will tell whether that word is legitimate or not.

“The significance of his word is quite weighty in the sense that this is the first time that the words came directly from the North Korean supreme leader himself, and that has never been done before,” Kang said. “I think this is a concern not just for the United States but for South Korea as well. But I think we will want to discuss key security issues including the denuclearization issue.”

The world will be watching, to see what happens next.

The New York Times reported:

” The Central Intelligence Agency has emerged as the primary player in President Trump’s audacious diplomatic opening to North Korea, several officials said on Friday, conducting back-channel communications and taking a major role in planning Mr. Trump’s coming meeting with Kim Jong-un, the country’s ruler.”

”The White House’s decision to use intelligence, rather than diplomatic, channels in communicating with the North Koreans speaks to the influence of Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director whom Mr. Trump chose this week to replace Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson. It also reflects the State Department’s diminished role in preparing for the riskiest encounter between an American president and a foreign leader in many years.”

While the New York Times is likely not the best source of “reliable information,” It’s correct that the State Department does have a diminished role in any foreign policy preparations, thanks to the corruption and abuses of the department under the Obama Regime albeit through Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Whether the CIA can ensure the safety of the President of the United States of America or not is of huge concern to Trump supporters, who will forever hold their doubts as to the geopolitical intentions of the rogue agency, despite the desire to “Splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scattered it into the wind” with the newest appointment of CIA Chief Gina Haspel, the first woman to ever lead the agency, by President Trump.

The safety of our President is the most important aspect of this meeting, with it being a perfect opportunity for America’s enemies, even those enemies of the President within America inside the “Deep State,” having an opportunity to exploit this meeting to start a war.

As much as we don’t want to talk about it, it’s in the back of all of our minds: these people would love to see Trump gone. They are demons. They are evil. They are vile.