His is the first and only jurisdiction in New York to do this.


One of the most troublesome things to notice about the left in America is their hypocrisy. They claim to care about the law, but only when it suits their personal purpose. In the case of the Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office, as confirmed by the New York Times, their blatant hate for all people who want to protect American safety is demonstrated. democrats like Cuomo are furious.

In Troy, New York, “the local sheriff has embraced a federal program designed to catch undocumented immigrants in county jails.” Democrats are mostly against such actions, even as the crime stats and low wages that are extant today prove that it needs to happen.

This move is a first for the state of New York, though it seems to be the very definition of “protecting and serving,” the role of law enforcement. However, just because the jail does not see many illegal aliens as prisoners, “democratic lawmakers and, notably, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo” thinks that those who are, should be immune from the law over the low numbers.

If only a few of the prisoners housed there murdered someone, should they too be immune from justice for the same reason? His argument makes no sense, which is a common problem for democrats.

The Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office is “one of only 75 in the country to sign an agreement allowing corrections officers to perform the functions of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, as part of a program known as 287(g).” The good news is that the number is twice what it was prior to the election of President Donald Trump.

The rightfully elected sheriff, Patrick Russo, is a G.O.P member and he has been in the field of law enforcement for 43 years. He, therefore, knows only too well how illegal’s are making everyone less safe and driving down wages.

These facts did not stop Alphonso David, the chief counsel for Governor Cuomo from saying, “State police agencies do not and will not engage in such activity, and we are troubled that one local sheriff in the state has decided to participate contrary to the public policy and values of our state.

The left fears that this will make migrants less likely to report crimes. But, that is always their argument and it is ridiculous since these people are already criminals. “I was kind of surprised when I heard that,” said the sheriff when he heard of the opposition. “Because, to me, this is another tool in the toolbox and I am allowed to reach into the toolbox to make the county safer.”

Likewise, ICE found merit in the decision. Their spokesperson, Khaalid Walls, said, “The partnerships with local law enforcement are invaluable force multipliers for ICE in the place we can be most effective in the fight to enhance public safety — local jails.”

Most of the illegal aliens are said to reside in Troy, the section of New York that is being closely watched by Russo. Still, there are only about 5% of the population who are foreign-born and they are not all illegals, either. This led the experienced lawman to declare, “I could be wrong, but I don’t see a big immigrant population here who would be affected.” This means that, those relatively few who are illegal, should be shown the door so that the matter is fully closed.

Melanie Trimble, the director of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Capital Region chapter opined that this sends the message that “they are out to send into deportation anyone who gets arrested for any incident,” which is hopefully the message being heard! It should be shouted from the rooftops and written in the sky (in Spanish) that anyone here illegally WILL be deported when caught for ANY reason.

If Trimble has not already gotten the memo, perhaps it is time that she does.