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Soy Boy FAIL: Trudeau’s Approval Rating Sinks Below Trump

Soy boy Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who prides himself on being the wokest of woke world leaders, has slipped below President Trump in his approval rating.

According to polling from Anguis Reid, only 40% of Canadians approve of Trudeau while 56% disapprove. Compare those numbers to President Trump’s, who stands at 47% approval according to Rassmussen and 43% approval according to an NBC poll. Either way, The Donald is above the soy boy.

Even better news has Trudeau’s opposition, the Canadian Conservative Party (CPC), rising in the polls. Angus Reid stated that if an election were held today, the conservatives could take a majority in the Canadian parliament.

After chastising a woman for saying “mankind,” advising her to use the woke-approved term “peoplekind” instead, Trudeau took a major public image hit in Canada after a disastrous trip to India. Here’s how WaPo described it:

Trudeau’s eight-day India expedition has been an absolute fiasco.

Hours before meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his journey hit a dead end when the Canadian high commissioner invited a Sikh extremist named Jaspal Atwal (who has been convicted of attempted murder and was previously affiliated with a terrorist group) to a dinner to honor Trudeau in Delhi. Atwal was found guilty of trying to kill an Indian minister in 1986; he was also blamed for an assault on Ujjal Dosanjh, the former premier of British Columbia.

By the time Atwal’s invitation was rescinded — Trudeau called it “unfortunate” — Atwal had already posed for photographs with Trudeau’s wife, Sophie, in Mumbai, as well as with other members of his entourage.

“He seems more much more convinced of his own rock-star status than we ever were,” said one Indian official in reference to the leader’s penchant for woke theatrics as opposed to genuine policy.

His rock star status may finally be diminishing.


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