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WATCH: MRCTV’s Latest ‘Reality Check’ Slams Parkland Activist David Hogg For His Anti-NRA Ad

On Tuesday, MRCTV uploaded a new episode of “Reality Check” with Brittany Hughes. The title of the episode was the rather provocative, “What if Parkland Kids Cared More About Saving Lives Than Getting on TV?”

Hughes begins by showing a clip of the newly-released ad featuring Parkland student David Hogg, who asks: “What if our politicians weren’t the b**** of the NRA?”

Really? That’s how you’re going to approach this? Very mature. Okay, David, but if that’s the way you want to play it, then I’ve got some questions of my own. Welcome to your reality check.

What if you opened all of your gun debate events to the thousands of students like Kyle Kashuv who think that guns and law abiding gun owners are not the problem?

What if you opened the floor to every Parkland survivor instead of just the dozen or so who have agreed to spout this narrative?

What if you gave just as much air time to Andrew Pollack, whose 18-year-old daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting, and who thinks that arming teachers and making it easier for law abiding Americans to defend themselves with firearms is actually a good thing?

Here’s another one. What if anti-gun groups like Everytown for Gun Safety stopped peddling false propaganda and made-up gun statistics to spread fear? What if they were honest about the 96 Americans who die from gunfire every day, and pointed out that two thirds of those are from suicide, not gun violence?

What if they admitted that their school shooting map is so deceptive and over-inflated that the Washington Post called them out for their lies?

… What if they stopped spewing crap like “full semi-automatic,” and “military-grade assault weapon” without knowing what any of those terms mean?

What if you were willing to educate yourself on simple, basic facts before arrogantly demanding that all Americans be stripped of their rights? Scared you might not last very long at that debate table? I would be, too.

What if the Left cared just as much about gun violence in inner cities where left-wing policies have created cycles of poverty, addiction, and crime?

What if they admitted that the vast majority of gun violence in this country occurs in Democrat- controlled “gun free zones”?

What if they were just as willing to listen to the stories of people who have been saved by guns as the ones who have by harmed by them?

And David, what if you cared about holding the FBI and Broward County Sheriff’s Office accountable for their failure to follow the policies that were already on the books that could have prevented the Parkland shooting instead of blaming the NRA for something that they had nothing to do with?

What if you actually blamed criminals? What if you cared about making schools safer with armed security instead of just running your mouths? What if gun control activists were willing to come to the table and have an intellectually honest discussion without lying, bullying, and name-calling?

What if you stopped labeling millions of law abiding Americans “terrorists” and “child murderers” just because they don’t agree with you or your proposed solutions?

What if you came up with realistic policy proposals instead of just calling someone names like an immature twelve-year-old?

What if you cared as much about saving lives as you care about getting on TV? Because it sure doesn’t seem like solutions are what you are truly interested in. So yeah, David, what if? Though honestly, I don’t expect you to have a lot of answers.

Check out the video here:

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