ByRyan Saavedra

On Saturday, Kyle Kashuv, a conservative student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School challenged David Hogg, a far-left student from the school to a debate over the subject of gun control.

Kashuv tweeted: “Hey @davidhogg111 you seem really fired up about gun control. Lets debate, one Parkland student to another. I’m in DC right now.”

Kashuv even sent Hogg a direct message to make sure that he saw his challenge but has not yet received a response. Dave Rubin, host of “The Rubin Report,” had signaled on Friday evening that he would be willing to host a civil gun control debate between Kashuv and Hogg.

Rubin wrote: “Happy to do that. I’ll donate all proceeds and see how else I can raise funds. Kyle Kashuv has agreed, hope you will too, David Hogg.”