by Kylie Handler, editor

After surviving an impeachment, decades of rape allegations, and drunken fights, it seems the Clinton marriage is finally falling apart. The Clintons have “at least a one-way open marriage,” a couple’s veteran pollster claims in his new book that was released Tuesday — and it may not be voluntary.

Mark Penn, who served as a pollster for former President Bill Clinton in the 90s and also worked as a chief strategist for twice-failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during her campaigns, says things aren’t well. He wrote in his new tell-all book, “Perhaps [the open marriage] was not by choice, but the stories accumulated … until the fact of it became apparent.”

In his book, “Microtrends Squared: The New Small Forces Driving the Big Disruptions Today,” Penn even suggests that the Clinton’s marriage is comparable to Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s sociopathic, power hungry characters on “House of Cards.”

Spacey and Wright portray President and First Lady in the show as Frank and Carrie Underwood, a couple that has “numerous partners, including one who sleeps at the White House.”

He added, “As they pretend to ignore it, there seems to be a rage of jealousy under the surface.’

“There was also no question that at the same time their relationship was deep and enduring. If this was the model of the first couple, what did it mean for the rest of the country?” he questioned.

The discussion in Penn’s book about the Clinton’s marriage turned into a whole chapter on open marriages.

“These open marriages are based less on sex and more on love, creating additional meaningful relationships that are part of the marriage in some ways and that may come and go, revolving around the couple, which still serves as the core unit,” he explained.

Since Bill and Hillary wed in 1975, their marriage has been clouded with rumors of affairs, rape, and sexual harassment by many women.

In 1988, Bill admitted to having two extramarital affairs. A year later he reached a settlement with an accuser who agreed to drop a sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

According to Fox News, “Three other women — Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Leslie Millwee — accused Clinton of sexually harassing and assaulting them at various times between 1977 and 1993.”

Bill’s unfortunate one-liner, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” will forever remain the biggest joke in history.

The cat has been out of the bag for years — the Clinton’s marriage is full of sex scandals. Penn just confirmed the rumors, and it seems they’re getting worse.

–Kylie Handler is a news editor for The Horn News