Claims moral high ground while literally lobbying to end basic freedoms

The legacy media and Soros front group Media Matters is now lobbying for Infowars to be shut down over comparisons between the anti-gun ‘March For Our Lives’ and the Hitler youth.

Media Matters, the Hill and several other outlets bashed Alex Jones for noting the resemblance between the gun control march and the Hitler youth, which also used children as human shields for an authoritarian agenda.

“Jones played a video that dubbed over Hogg’s speech with one of Hitler’s and included black-and-white footage from Nazi gatherings to mimic the anti-gun violence protest on Saturday,” writes Morgan Gstalter.

“The Infowars creator was previously reprimanded by YouTube for posting other conspiracy theories about Hogg,” states the article, an obvious dog whistle to pressure the Google-owned company to enact further censorship.


This contrived hysteria is pretty rich given that the legacy media has been fearmongering about white supremacists and neo-nazis for over a year.

From labeling the ‘OK’ hand sign a symbol of “white power” to Sarah Silverman’s insane claim that harmless road markings were actually swastikas, the left’s paranoia over a phantom Nazi takeover is unparalleled.

The media has painted apocalyptic scenarios about the Alt-Right, which amounts to a few hundred drooling idiots with tikki torches, as some kind of dark harbinger of the return of fascism ever since Trump took office.

Apparently, that kind of rhetoric is serious and credible, but ironically noting the resemblance between David Hogg’s fist pump and a sieg heil is akin to hate speech.

Once again, the establishment media is setting itself up as a moral guardian while simultaneously lobbying for both the First and Second Amendments to be restricted and in some cases repealed altogether.

It’s quite incredible that these people can act so righteously indignant while they literally campaign for the abolition of basic freedoms.

They don’t have the moral high ground and we should never let them take it.