President Trump has directed the U.S. military to rain Hell on ISIS in Iraq and Syria. According to officials from Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, during the two-week period between March 16 and March 29, U.S. and coalition forces launched 25 separate strikes against ISIS.

The fighting in Syria remains centered around Abu Kamal, a small town near the Syrian-Iraqi border. Coalition forces working as part of Operation Inherent Resolve reported destroying several ISIS targets, including buildings, tunnel systems, tactical units, fighting positions and weapons caches. In the same area, U.S. forces also destroyed an ISIS Vehicle Bourne Improvised Explosive Device factory.

An ISIS-held building in Al-Shadaddi, which was the site of a brutal battle between the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS in 2016, was also destroyed.

The fighting in Iraq remains dispersed over several parts of the country. There were several strikes near Hawijah, Qayyarah and Ramadi over the two week period. U.S. and coalition forces reportedly destroyed ISIS boats, tactical units, vehicles, storage facilities and an ISIS-held cave complex. – READ MORE