Nearly $20 million from British taxpayers used to train Islamists on jihad, martyrdom.


The United Kingdom government admitted that more than £20 million from British taxpayers funded Palestinian schools to teach children about martyrdom, jihad, and killing Israelis, according to Daily Mail.

A new report from the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education found that teaching jihad to children was labeled as the “most important” item.

The Palestinian Authority school curriculum stated it “utilizes a variety of tools to convince children — mostly boys — to risk their lives and die as martyrs.”

Alistair Burt, the U.K. aide, corroborated the report during a parliamentary session that British taxpayers are paying 33,000 teachers who are teaching children to use jihad against Israel.

The school curriculum offers numerous examples of what children are being forced to learn, and it is horrifying.

To describe Newton’s second law of physics, a science textbook uses a graphic of a young boy with a slingshot targeting Israeli soldiers.

The goal is to teach power and strength by showing how hard to fling objects at soldiers.

“Palestinian youths used slingshots to confront the soldiers of the Zionist occupation and defend themselves from their treacherous bullets. What is the relationship between the elongation of the slingshot’s rubber and the tensile strength affecting it?” the textbook stated.

In another example, a math textbook features a graphic of a nine-year-old student teaching them to count and add the number of Palestinian martyrs who gave their lives for jihad.

Students’ history books also feature a poem that glorifies martyrdom and calls for violence against Israel.

A martyr is an individual who is killed for their religious beliefs. The Palestinian school is teaching children to accept being killed so long as they are promoting jihad and radical Islam.

The poem reads: “I vow I shall sacrifice my blood to saturate the land of the generous and will remove the usurper from my country.”

Several of the textbooks also teach children that their families will be rewarded in paradise if they kill Israelis and nonbelievers.

The school curriculum raises serious questions about why British taxpayers are funding a Palestinian school that teaches children about such things.

Many would agree this is deeply concerning and should never be taught to anyone — especially young children.