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Mother Allegedly Tases Teenage Son To Get Him Up For Easter Services

On Sunday morning, a Phoenix, Arizona mother of two teenage boys was arrested on a felony charge of child abuse after allegedly using a Taser on her 16-year-old son to get him up for Easter services.

According to CBS 5, Sharon Dobbins, 40, was arrested at her family’s apartment. According to court documents, Dobbins’ other son, who is 17, and her 18-year-old nephew were in the room and witness the mother’s actions. The victim, who “did not complain of any pain but had two small bumps on his leg where he stated he was Tased,” did not want to see his mother prosecuted.

The arresting officer noted in his probable cause statement, “Ms. Dobbins stated that she only sparked the Taser to get the kids up for church on Easter and that she never Tased anyone.”

Dobbins mentioned in her initial court appearance that both of her sons are on probation and that the 16-year-old is being electronically monitored, adding, “He has an ankle bracelet on. He’s under my custody and everything.”

Dobbins was released on her own recognizance but subject to supervision by Pretrial Services.


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