No one else in the media is talking about it, but CNN is in the midst of a ratings implosion. Things are now so bad for CNN that the latest numbers show the far-left cable channel would attract more viewers if it fired all of its fake news anchors and aired documentaries instead.

Easter Sunday, at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., CNN stopped broadcasting fake news to instead run  documentaries about the Kennedy family and the pope. Respectively, those particular hours earned 1.4 million and 875,000 total viewers.

On Friday, not a single regularly programmed CNN news show — not even during primetime — earned more than 823,000 total viewers, was able to beat a Sunday night documentary about the pope, much less the Kennedys.

Lest you think that is not a legitimate comparison because Friday was Good Friday, if you look at Thursday’s ratings,  the news for embattled CNN chief eff Zuker is not much better. Only Anderson Cooper 360 topped Sunday’s documentary about the pope (but still lost to the Kennedys.) Every other Thursday night CNN show lost to both — Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, and Don Lemon.

Moreover, CNN’s overall ratings on Sunday, meaning the anti-Trump network’s average total day and primetime viewers, beat CNN’s all-star Friday line-up and most of Thursday’s.

On Easter Sunday, CNN averaged 697,000 viewers throughout the day and 956,000 during primetime.

On Friday, CNN averaged just 673,000 viewers throughout the day and 778,000 during primetime. In both metrics, CNN fake news lost to a couple of Sunday night documentaries.

On Thursday,  a regular news day and not a holiday, CNN averaged only 703,000 viewers throughout the day (barely beating Easter Sunday), and only 918,000 during primetime, which is much fewer than Easter Sunday.

For the sake of comparison, on Thursday and Friday, both MSNBC and Fox News absolutely crushed CNN with as many as twice up to three times as many viewers.

The point of all this is once again prove just how awful CNN’s ratings are — so awful that filler programming, cheaply made documentaries about well worn subjects, like the pope and the Kennedy family, are more popular on CNN than the unceasing lies and fake news spewed by Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, and Don Lemon.

Little Jeff Zuker’s” CNN is a raging garbage fire, a last-place national laughingstock.

Eventually, some grown up worried about shareholder value at CNN’s parent company, Time-Warner, is going to have to grab an extinguisher.