Creepy Uncle Joe gets called out during New York event

A Philadelphia man confronted ex-Vice President Joe Biden at an event in New York last month over his inappropriate touching of young girls.

Howard Caplan attended the Global Institute of Long Island University’s event featuring speaker Joe Biden and took the opportunity to call the former Vice President out regarding viral videos showing him groping young women.

“Why did you molest all those girls on CSPAN?” Caplan shouted.

He continued, “It’s all on YouTube. You know you did it, everybody’s seen it!”

In the midst of his protest security escorted Caplan out of the event as the crowd booed and shouted, “Get out of here.”

The altercation was reminiscent of Trump supporters shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist” during the 2016 election.

Infowars has been covering the disturbing footage of Biden for years. Check out the videos below.