President Donald Trump tossed his script during a tax reform event in West Virginia, choosing instead to talk about immigration enforcement.

“To hell with it,” he said, throwing the paper over his shoulder as the audience cheered and applauded. “That would’ve been a little boring … we have to tell it like it is.”

by Charlie Spiering

The president vowed to get rid of the frustrating “catch and release” laws that allow illegal immigrants to stay in the United States while they wait years for an immigration court date.

“No other country in the world does this,” Trump said, complaining about the “weak” laws in the U.S.

He complimented Mexico for their laws allowing them to disband the caravan of illegal immigrants, but warned that illegals would continue trying to cross the Southern border.

Trump also said many illegal immigrants who were women were raped while making the journey through Mexico to the United States.

“[Y]esterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before,” he said. “They don’t want to mention that.”

Trump also highlighted chain migration, pointing out the recent ISIS inspired attack in New York City by an immigrant who came to the country through extended family members.

“This is what the Democrats are doing to you,” he said. “They like it because they think you’re going to vote Democrat. Believe me, they are doing it for that reason.”

Trump revisited a campaign complaint about anchor babies, where pregnant women came to the United States to give birth so that their children will be citizens. Trump again called the laws “weak.”

“If you have a baby on our land, congratulations, that baby is a United States citizen,” Trump said. “We are the only ones.”

He told the people in the audience that he had started the wall on the Southern border, and would have the military helping secure the border.

“We will have our wall and we will get it strongly,” he said.