WitBy Nicholas Fondacaro

The the National Guard on its way to the U.S.-Mexico border to aid Border Patrol, CNN’s Brian Stelter kicked off Reliable Sources on Sunday by suggesting that Fox News had a hand in their deployment. According to him, Fox and Friends fed President Trump a steady diet of misleading reports that got him to send in the troops. Yet, Stelter and his panel never explained what was wrong with the reports and they even noted other outlets reported the same thing.

Stelter began the show by lambasting the recent immigration story because it supposedly “symbolizes everything that’s wrong with the Trump era. President Trump receives faulty information, then he makes impulsive decisions, and his staff has to scramble.” And he lamented “the line where Fox News ends and where Trump begins is getting blurrier by the day,” despite the fact President Obama would dine with MSNBC and other friendly media hosts as well.

He complained that once “someone” over at Fox and Friends learned about the caravan of Central American migrants heading towards the border, they “ran with it and ran with it big time.” Yet, he admitted that the article F&F read from “originally appeared in BuzzFeed” and noted, “now lots of news outlets are covering this caravan.” So, what’s the problem? According to Stelter, it’s that Trump learned about it through Fox News and a so-called “feedback loop.

This feedback loop continued for days. It ping-ponged back to Fox. Fox went full steam ahead with border coverage in prime time on Monday,” Stelter bemoaned. “Military, military. I wonder where the President got that idea.

Stelter reiterated that the story was a “symbol of everything that’s wrong with the Trump- era” and he blamed Trump’s “addiction to Fox and other pro-Trump commentators” for “a lack of quality information, first of all, reaching the president.



That is how we end up with the National Guard deployed to the border in what I would argue is a PR stunt,” Stelter declared. “Trump wants a PR victory. He wants to give his Fox friends something to celebrate. And as a result, we’re all talking about the border. A manufactured crisis.

But was it really a “manufactured crisis?” Not according to the numbers. As White House Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert explained to ABC’s Martha Raddatz earlier that morning:

[What DHS] briefed the President on was the trends that we’re seeing and what we’re seeing is a 200 percent increase this month, March, this past month in apprehensions. It’s alarming. Over 200 percent increase and we’re talking about apprehending over 50,000 people attempting to cross our border in one month.

And that point was reported on NBC Nightly News last Thursday by reporter Gabe Gutierrez. “The Department of Homeland Security says there’s been more than a 200 percent spike in illegal border crossings over the past year and a 37 percent jump from last month to this month,” he noted.

So what does Stelter mean when he says Trump was receiving “faulty information” from Fox News? New York mag reporter Olivia Nuzzi suggested the problem was that Fox News didn’t report why the caravan was fleeing Central America and claimed they misrepresented it. But since the information was widely reported, even in DHS briefs, one could figure the only problem was that the information was coming from Fox News.

It’s interesting that the liberal media have an issue with this president watching Fox when the last one was learning about the actions of his administration via the news.