They point out that every investigation in the Clinton’s has ended in no charges.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray was supposed to get rid of all the corruption in the FBI in order to create a more level playing field. But, after the FBI raided the home and office of President Trump’s personal attorney, many people are arguing it is just corrupt business as usual at the FBI.

In fact, FBI insiders are blasting the New York FBI office responsible for carrying out the raid as “rouge,” arguing that they only made the bureau look worse when they raided Michael Cohen’s home and office looking for any evidence they could find to discredit Trump.

Furthermore, FBI veterans are now expressing their dismay with Wray’s leadership.

According to bureau insiders, “Wray was supposed to break up the nonsense in New York or at least he was expected to try.” Clearly, he has failed to do that.

One FBI insider even commented that it “looks like business as usual” at the FBI regarding the corruption that Wray was appointed to expel after the agency dropped the ball on several occasions.

Another FBI veteran pointed out that the bureau’s action on Monday will only harm the Bureau’s reputation further in the eyes of countless Americans, who already feel like the law enforcement agency is corrupt.

“America is looking at this and wondering how the Justice Department can hassle anyone in New York without first looking at the Clinton Foundation,” one FBI insider insisted.

“This makes the FBI look worse today,” he added referencing the FBI’s raid on Cohen.

In fact, many are wondering why the FBI raided Trump’s lawyer, but haven’t raided the Clinton Foundation’s New York City offices yet?

There is no doubt that Americans’ trust in the bureau is already dwindling after special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s probe has wasted massive amounts of taxpayer dollars on an investigation that has produced nothing–and never should have begun given the fact that the FISA warrant was illegal.

Not to mention how the FBI allowed Clinton to walk after failing to properly investigate her use of a private server to send classified emails.

Granted the Russia probe has yet to conclude, but one could argue that this recent raid proves that the Mueller and some in the FBI are desperate to bring Trump down by any means necessary.

While there may be something to Cohen’s allegations of bank fraud, it is nowhere near the amount of criminal activity against the Clinton Foundation.

At the end of the day, one current FBI agent said it best when he spoke about the fairness of the bureau, arguing that the American taxpayers pay these agents’ salaries and they deserve fairness.

“I think Americans just want a level playing field,” one FBI agent insisted.

He went on to point out how the New York office failed to properly investigate Clinton during the email investigation when she sent sensitive material on a private server.

They never raided Clinton’s office or her attorney’s even though this is the same office that “was involved with the Hillary email investigation and she walked on that,” one agent said. She was allowed to destroy massive amounts of evidence as well.

The bottom line is Americans cannot trust the FBI unless all criminals are treated equally.

Did Cohen send thousands of classified and top secret emails on a private server? No, that was Clinton.

What’s more, this is the same FBI office who confiscated Anthony Weiner’s laptop and made sure only the what fit the liberal narrative came out publicly.

Then-U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara even went as far to make sure that certain content on the laptop didn’t leak and embarrass Hillary Clinton or Huma Abedin.

What’s even more strange is that enough of the contents were leaked to put Weiner in a federal prison for years right after he threatened to go public to expose Clinton.

But what happened? He went to jail and Hillary and her foundation got off scot-free. No wonder these FBI agents and Americans alike are so frustrated with the bureau.

Trump said it best when he publicly responded to the FBI raiding Cohen’s office by saying it was “an attack on our country.”

Trump is correct. The fact that the New York office continues to carry out their biased agenda against Trump speaks volumes about the unfairness of what is supposed to be America’s top law enforcement agency.

The corruption of the deep state effort to end Trump’s presidency is so apparent many wonder how it can even be legal. Perhaps the FBI needs to clean house and fire everyone in the New York office in an effort to re-establish trust with Americans.

Meanwhile, Wray clearly is not doing the job he was assigned to do and America is watching and waiting for justice to prevail.

Can the FBI be saved from itself before it implodes due to biased actions? If we can’t trust the FBI, who can we trust?