Interview with George Stephanopoulos comes as new book is going to be released…

Federal Court Orders FBI to Release Comey Memo on Trump

(Newsweek) Former FBI director James Comey reportedly compared President Donald Trump to a “mob boss” in an interview scheduled to air Sunday that could potentially fuel the president’s ongoing feud with the ex-top law enforcement officer.

Comey sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos for a 20/20 special report and made statements he has not previously said publicly that would “certainly add more meat to the charges swirling around Trump,” an unnamed source who was present at the taping told Axios for a report Wednesday morning.

“How strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss?” Stephanopoulos asked Comey in a promo clip of the interview.

Stephanopoulos also brought up Comey’s critics who wanted him to put Hillary Clinton before a grand jury, as well as asking him whether Trump “was obstructing justice” and if the president should be impeached.

Comey did answer every question put to him, according to Axios.

None of the answers were revealed in the clip but Comey’s first major interview following his dismissal by Trump nearly a year ago could very well lead to another Twitter outburst from the president against Comey.

Trump has called Comey a “leaker,” accused him of running “the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation” and used him as a means to challenge the FBI and the Justice Department.

Last month, Trump also lashed out at Comey, accusing him of lying under oath.

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“Wow, watch Comey lie under oath to Senator G when asked ‘have you ever been an anonymous source…or known someone else to be an anonymous source…?’ He said strongly ‘never, no.’ He lied as shown clearly on @foxandfriends,” the president tweeted March 18.

The interview will be aired two days before Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, is released.

The memoir became a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon’s top 20 books list last month, based solely on pre-sales.

Comey’s interview will also come as Trump lashed out at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller over the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

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