In an exclusive interview with Bill O’Reilly, former White House Special Counsel to President Bill Clinton, Lanny Davis, reveals he shared never-before-seen documents with Inspector General Horowitz showing the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email usage was ‘botched.’

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Start clip at 7:34 for partial transcript below.

DAVIS: “I was interviewed by the Inspector General. I have only told one reporter that and it was never written. This is my first time to say that I was interviewed after, I, making a phone call and researching my book, that I consider James Comey to have acted unethically and he should have been fired by Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch because he violated Justice Department policies. By holding a press conference and expressing his opinion publically on the evidence. That’s a firing offense…. I gave them documents that were never seen before but posted two months after the election, that showed that the whole email investigation was botched. That’s where I think the Inspector General will come down on Comey very hard.”